Should we opt for a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna

Mini-Vans stay a compelling option for Anyone transporting prominent Families or carpools, or who want the extra cargo space they give. With conveniences which include premium entertainment suites and advanced safety features, these are a far cry from the boxy, unexciting minivan comparison.

With this particular Guide, we have achieved a comprehensive contrast to our

We have configured an Example automobile for every single van and then Examined a number of the key distinguishing factors. We’ve based our sample models on favorite choices among Cartelligent clients.

With adware collision warning, lane departure warning, touchscreen display audio, moonroof, along with leather-trimmed chairs. MSRP, as configured, is currently 36,825.

2019 Toyota Sienna: We’ve selected a 2019 Toyota Sienna XLE. Features include premium navigation, blind spot monitoring, pre-collision, moonroof, and leather-trimmed chairs. MSRP, as configured, is 37,540.

The Insurance Institute for Highway picked the Honda.

Cost to buy: Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna

First, we’ll analyze the cost of each once purchased. We have Assumed a 60-month term. All obligations represent pricing in line with market conditions during the time of this writing.

The Odyssey is approximately $40/month less than the Sienna and Saves roughly $2,300 in obligations over five years.

Cost to rent: Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna

Next, we will compare the three vehicles onto a three year, 12,000 miles/year rent.

In Cases like This, the Sienna is your better value, saving approximately $60/month in payments and roughly $2,100 During the Period of the lease

Which to buy: Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna

Both of these vehicles can be an Excellent alternative depending On your conditions. Your Cartelligent representative can talk you through The advantages and disadvantages of each car (as well as any other brands) to assist you to Make an educated decision.