IPv4 Market & Rent policies

We process and store your data through Hosting Company and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Company databases and software. Financial information is processed and stored through Accounting Systems and CRM company software and databases.

Your info is protected Utilizing technical, physical, and administrative security measures to lower the danger of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. Several of the guards utilized are firewalls and data encryption, physical access controls to data centers, and management authorization controls.

We might store fiscal info in case our services require Funding to IPv4 rent Market Group or another organization. If PayPal is useful for direct payment to IPv4 Market Group, such as through”Small Block Services” in time of invoicing, then please refer to PayPal’s Policies on how the information is stored in their servers. If escrow.com is employed for direct payment to IPv4 Market Group, then please refer to escrow.com’s online privacy policy.

We Don’t make or store user account for access to our Internet site or its services. Secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) is generated and securely stored per trade. This PIN is used to gain access to a specific transaction and its details. Measures are required to ensure the trade details are private. IPv4 Market Group and the consumer the trade is related to.